What happens to your body and brain when you orgasm

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Researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois have outlined the fascinating things your body and mind do when you orgasm.

Other than the obvious things like your O-face, and maybe babies...

Adam Saffron, a neuroscientist PhD candidate has concluded that the 'sexual rhythms' influence brain activity, and create the trance-like state of orgasm.

This is one of the first mechanistic models of what happens during an orgasm.

Much of it confirms stuff humans have sort of worked out through, ahem, tinkering.

Saffron found that orgasm concentrates our neurons in such a way that all other senses are blocked out.

It's been known that rhythm and repetition can lead to orgasm, but Saffron has modeled why.

Stimulating particular neurons, in a particular way, at a certain speed, repeatedly, is what focuses the neurons.

The idea of building to an orgasm is correct, the stimulation has to be repeated within a short period of time, or else the effects dissipate as the brain doing a routine reset of neurons.

Saffron believes it's this rhythmic repetition that pushes us past orgasmic thresholds.

Explaining the significance of this research, Saffron told Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psycology:

Before this paper, we knew what lit up in the brain when people had orgasms, and we knew a lot about the hormonal and neurochemical factors in non-human animals, but we didn't really know why sex and orgasm feel the way they do.

The way that orgasm rewires your brain momentarily, blocking out your senses due to stimulation, makes orgasms not unlike a trance, dancing, and even seizures.

So that playlist 'Shaggin' Playlist 3' is actually a useful accompaniment, not a total/weird waste of time.

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