Picture: Magnus D/Flickr/Full English
Picture: Magnus D/Flickr/Full English

England is passionate about the Full English Breakfast - crispy bacon, sausages, beans, eggs, toast, black pudding and hash browns all washed down with a cup of tea or coffee.

Here are eleven places around the world where breakfast is as big a deal as it is here - and what they make instead:

1. Mexico, Zacahuil

Picture: Octavio Ruiz Cervera/Flickr

Native to Southern Mexico, Zacahuil takes hours to make, and consists of corn soaked in spices. The mixture is poured on a bed of banana leaves, and chunks of meat - either chicken, turkey or pork - are sprinkled on top.

The banana leaves are then tied together and put in an oven and cooked until the leaves are brown and charred.

The inside however, is cooked to perfection.

2. China, Chang fen

Picture: Gary Stevens/Flickr

Chang fen is a traditional Chinese breakfast made up of rice paste, eggs, meat and vegetables, which are then steamed.

It is usually served with soy sauce mixed with oil and garlic. Yum.

3. Philippines, Champorado

Picture: chotda/Flickr

Chocolate rice porridge with a dash of condensed milk. Simple but delicious.

4. Iran, Haleem

Picture: Nadir Hashmi/Flickr

Haleem is slow-cooked wheat, with turkey, cinnamon, melted butter and sugar. Sometimes rice, or lentils are used as well.

5. Vietnam, Broken Rice

Picture: Alpha/Flickr

In Vietnam broken rice, or Cơm Tấm, is made using rice cooked from fractured grains. It is cheap, and the nature of the rice means it’s easier on the stomach in the morning.

Grilled shredded pork and thinly shredded pork skin are added, along with a steamed egg.

6. Germany, Brötchen, wurste, assortment of spreads

Picture: Martin Strattner/Flickr

In Germany, the staple breakfast food is 'Brötchen,' bread rolls, and an assortment of cheese, sausages, butter and marmalade are also usually on the table, along with a jug of coffee.

7. Japan

Picture: Yuli Chua/Flickr

In Japan there are two types of breakfasts, traditional 'wafuu' breakfast, consisting of rice, miso soup, usually pickled vegetables, fish and fermented sticky soy beans called natto.

A western 'yohfuu' breakfast consists of either bread or cereal.

8. India, Idli and Sambar

Picture: Harsha K R/Flickr

Dishes in India can be regionally different and this breakfast is especially prevalent in the south.

It is made up of fermented lentil and rice flour crepes with a spicy potato filling and usually served with chutney and sambar

9. Palestine, Falafel

Picture: cindy-dam/Flickr

Falafel is mashed chickpeas mixed with parsley and coriander, along with other spices which is then cooked.

It can be served on its own, in a roll or with fool (mashed beans with lemon and hot sauce) humus, labne, olives and Mo’ajanat (pastry covered in meat or cheese).

10. South Korea

Picture: Scott Butner/Flickr

Korean meals tend to be interchangeable, but there are two staple foods in every meal: kimchi, which is usually pickled cabbage in chili, (but it can be other vegetables) and rice.

As eating is a communal affair, there is usually an assortment of fish, vegetables, soup and occasionally meat at the table.

11. Peru, Cuy

Picture: Pierre Pouliquin/Flickr

If you'r ever in Peru you can try their traditional breakfast, 'cuy,' also known fondly as guinea pigs.

This traditional dish cooks the animal whole – teeth and nails included – soaks it in salt and garlic to make for crispy skin, and roasts it over a fire.

Can be eaten on their own, or with vegetables.

Bon appetit.

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