People have been listing thing you should do in your 20s to avoid living a life full of regret in your 30s

Louis Dor
Friday 20 May 2016 13:30
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There is no single guide to life.

We all have different experiences and problems to face, so advice rarely, if ever, applies to everyone.

However, crowdsourcing people's common regrets in life can provide insight into unseen pitfalls we may all wish to avoid - as a recent reddit thread has attempted to do.

We've compiled a list of what we think are the best responses to the question "What should a person do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s?".

They are mostly things you may let drift or not think about - they may be contradictory and they may not apply to you or even be possible.

They're simply what people agreed with most.

Let us know what you think it the comments below:

1. Exercise

Your body is the one thing you live with your whole life.

Look after it, decades of bad eating and no exercise stack up and it only gets harder to get in shape.

2. Learn to not give a crap about the little things

That energy you're wasting fighting over an issue - do you really care enough?

Life is surprisingly short, prioritise.

3. Call your grandparents

Unless you're very fortunate, you lose more people the older you get.

They'd probably like to hear from you once in a while - give them a call.

4. Realise that your 30s is too young to regret things

If you want to make changes to the direction of your life, you can.

5. Don't have kids until you can support them

Wear condoms, use birth control, have a child when you plan to - children are expensive and you are responsible for them for two decades.

6. Look after your teeth, skin and hair

Two minutes a day for a nice smile is a good trade off - your teeth are with you your whole life.

Wear sunscreen and sleep well, take breaks and rest when you need it.

7. Quit smoking

Cancer isn't fun and you don't need to give it any more chances.

8. Post more to social media

No. Screw this with a cactus. Live is not lived on the internet.

9. Something

Embrace failure. It's your friend. It's telling you that you have the potential to improve at something - and you should.

Don't sit around afraid to pick up the thing that may be your calling.

10. Pursue the people you like

Not in a Ramsay Bolton way. In a let's go have coffee way.

If you want to be friends or more with someone, it won't happen without you making the effort.

Worst that can happen is they say no.

11. Save and invest

Putting money away for old age - or even a safety buffer - is never a bad thing.

Compound interest is also a powerful thing and it gets better the younger you start.

12. Realise that you will have regrets regardless - and that's ok

u/onchroe probably provided the best answer to this thread:

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