When Ed Miliband was asked about his experience outside of politics

When Ed Miliband was asked about his experience outside of politics

Ed Miliband is taking part in the Ask the Leaders event from Stand Up Be Counted, where young people put questions directly to party leaders.

During the event at Facebook's headquarters, the Labour leader was asked: "Outside of politics, what experience do you have, what life experience do you have, to indicate you should be the one to represent the people of Britain?"

This was Mr Miliband's response:

I've done a number of things which I think, I hope are relevant to this, so, I was obviously an economic adviser in the Treasury and I think that's important... I think that's important because you know the economy and how we change our economy is at the heart of the country.

I've taught, I taught at Harvard University, I actually taught around government and economics, and I think that one of the things that did for me being able to teach was the ability to be able to listen and engage with people about what their issues are, what they are interested in.

Mr Miliband went on to explain why he went into politics in the first place, because of the shared experiences of his parents, who fled persecution in Europe before World War 2.

You can watch the Ask the Leaders debate live below:

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