When someone complained about a man wearing a dress, this train line had a great response

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Saturday 06 August 2016 17:30

Not content with letting people wear what the hell they want, one man took to Twitter this week to complain about a fellow passenger wearing a dress on his train.

The man, using the handle @Gaz_Cocks, tweeted directly at Trans Pennine Express to ask "what is that all about ??":

Fortunately, a member of the Trans Pennine Express "Customer Assist" team had a perfectly sensible answer, given that we are indeed living in Britain in 2016:

Other Twitter users were very pleased with the response:

It was described as "absolutely perfect":

There were other replies too:

And plenty of celebratory gifs:

The burn was so hard that @Gaz_Cocks deleted his acccount:

HT Metro

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