9 people reveal why they jilted their partner at the altar


Leaving your partner at the altar is one of the most dramatic decisions a person can make.

But it does happen. And for those who did it, they shared their story on anonymous confession site Whisper.

1. When it’s a family matter

Four years ago I left my bride at the altar. Now, years later I’m happily married and I have two wonderful kids. With her cousin.

2. When it's a family disaster

I left my boyfriend at the altar and I don’t feel bad about it because it turns out he was sleeping with my stepmother.

3. Right decision, wrong time

Talk about bad timing. I finally accepted that I was gay and I left my fiancé the day of my wedding. I knew I couldn’t spend my life with him and I’d be making a mistake.

4. Keeping it secret

I left my fiancé at the altar five years ago because I realised I never loved him. I still have the dress and my current boyfriend thinks he left me, so I don’t look like a total jerk.

5. When adventure comes first

I ran away on my wedding day because I’m not ready to let go of adventure. Not because I don’t love her.

6. When the dread kicks in

I didn’t go through with my wedding because in the days leading up to it I kept dreading the future instead of being excited for it.

7. From runaway to runway

I panicked before my wedding and left my fiancé at the altar and then went on vacation with one of my friends.

8. Going with the majority

My family all hated my fiancé so I decided not to go through with my wedding… on my wedding day.

9. When it's a false alarm

I got food poisoning and never went through with the ceremony. I was on the toilet while everyone else thought I left my husband at the altar.

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