Why this photo of Rick Perry matters

This is the mugshot, or booking photo, of Texas governor Rick Perry.

It was taken at Travis County Blackwell-Thurman Justice Centre, in Austin, following his indictment last week on two felony counts relating to allegations of abuse of power, the more serious of which carries a maximum prison sentence of 99 years.

The indictment could scupper Perry’s possible bid for the Republican presidential nomination, with legal wrangling in the case likely to stretch into 2016.

Perry, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination at the last election, was indicted last week by a grand jury in Travis County, a Democratic stronghold in the mostly Republican state, over his veto of funding for a state ethics watchdog that has investigated prominent Texas Republicans.

His lawyer said the governor would fight the indictment "100 per cent".

“This is nothing more than banana republic politics,” added Tony Buzbee.

The indictment came after Perry vetoed $7.5million (£4.5million) in funding for the state's public integrity unit, largely seen as an attempt to force the resignation of Travis County's district attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, and appoint a Republican in her place.

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