The woman who claims to have married a ghost just had a pregnancy scare

The woman who claims to have married a ghost just had a pregnancy scare

A woman who claims to have married a 300 - year - old ghost has confused viewers after she appeared on ITV’s Loose Women.

Amanda Teague, from Dublin’s Downpatrick revealed to the show’s panel that she had a pregnancy scare with the spirit of an 18th century pirate called Jack.

Teague, who works as a Jack Sparrow impersonator, said she missed a period, which led her to get further testing to make sure she was not pregnant.

It was more of a kind of case of, I missed a month and I went to my GP and she said 'you’ve got to be pregnant.'

And I was like 'no I can’t be' so on further examination I insisted to get blood tests done and I did turn out it was the start of the menopause.

She says she asked Jack, her spirit husband, about whether or not ghosts and humans can procreate. The answer is no, they cannot.

I asked Jack about it and he said obviously it’s not possible... so I’m quite safe.

Teague has never seen her husband, and when the panel asked about their sex life, she replied:

Well chemistry is an energy. It’s not much difference with a physical person. To me the chemistry is there.

Viewers are confused.

And others started on the jokes...

What a time to be alive.

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