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A woman has been arrested after she repeatedly hit a teenage boy and forced him into leaving a community pool in South Carolina.

Stephanie Sebby-Strempel was charged with one count of third-degree assault and battery. She was also charged with two counts of assaulting, beating or wounding a police officer while resisting arrest in Summerville.

According to live5news, investigators say witnesses heard Sebby-Strempel tell a 15-year-old black boy and his friends that they did not belong in the pool and that they had to leave.

The victim claims they were ‘respectful and said yes ma’am’, according to the Sheriff’s office.

However footage of the alleged assault shows the woman physically hit the victim at least three times as he was leaving the area.

She can be heard calling them ‘punks’ and threatened to call ‘9’-1-1’ as she repeatedly shouted to ‘get out’. According to the incident report, obtained by live5news, she also used ‘racial slurs’.

The day after the incident, detectives went to serve a warrant for a third-degree assault charge, and Sebby-Strempel allegedly pushed one detective into a wall and bit another on the arm.

The victim’s mother Deanna RocQuermore said:

No child including mine or anybody else’s ever, ever, deserves that type of abuse or treatment. And to be struck not once, not twice, but three times by someone that is upset because of the colour of someone’s skin, and they don’t belong at their swimming pool.

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted for comment.

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