A 23-year-old bodybuilder is being ravaged by ovarian cancer — and Instagramming it all

A 23-year-old bodybuilder is being ravaged by ovarian cancer — and Instagramming it all
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Bodybuilder Cheyann Shaw competed in her first bodybuilding competition last year, but then, she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer.

Shaw, who is 23-years-old, has since dedicated her time to documenting her treatment.

This includes discussing her hair loss:

Explaining how she was first diagnosed, Shaw said in a YouTube video, where she had previously vlogged about fitness, that she started having stomach aches and a bump formed just below her bellybutton. Her periods had stopped, and she was vomiting.

At first, her doctors in Florida told her it was just a cyst. After a few months she started getting sharp pains, so she went back to the doctor and was given an ultrasound, and then an MRI. If this wasn't stressful enough, she actually had plans to get married in a months’ time.

She then was told she had ovarian cancer, and a biopsy confirmed her cancer was at stage three, in her abdomen and ovaries.

She said she would use her YouTube channel to document her treatment:

I’m going to show you what cancer does to people and everybody around.

Then, the cancer spread, and Shaw has had an operation to remove her spleen, appendix, some of her colon, and she also had a hysterectomy.

The cancer has also spread to her lymph nodes, and Shaw has just started a new round of chemotherapy.

In her latest video, Shaw, who has moved to Seattle to be with her family, said she believes bodybuilding, which she plans on getting back into, has "saved her" by making her body stronger.

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