Don't you just hate it when you're in a shop and nothing is priced up properly?

It leaves you with no alternative but to actually go to a checkout and ask how much it is.

There are only two possibilities in this situation. Either it's perfectly affordable or it is too expensive and you have to leave it.

Unfortunately for Natalie Brayshaw, a student in Glasgow, something far worst happened.

After trying on a bra in Primark and deciding she liked it, she went to pay for it only to learn something truly disturbing.

Yeah, that's pretty grim and her devastated reaction quickly became a viral hit with many people expressing their sympathies.

Amazingly this prompted people to share similar stories - this type of thing is more common than you think.

One person did ask a very good question about the bra.

Let this be a warning. Always check where the clothes have come from before putting them on in a shop.

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