Woman refuses to move from parking space – despite not having a car

Nicholas Chew/YouTube screengrab

Getting a parking space is sometimes a nightmare, and arguments tend to erupt.

But it's usually between two people driving a vehicle – not just one.

And yet that’s exactly what happened. A man’s dash cam footage has gone viral after it captured a woman standing in a parking spot he wanted to drive into.

Picture:Nicholas Chew/YouTube screengrab

Her reasoning? She was there first.

The woman refused to move despite the fact that the angry male driver was repeatedly telling her to, in a car park in Flushing, Michigan.

He said:

You f**King serious right now, woman? Get out of here.

His female companion was similarly irate, and shouted:

Are you serious? You’re not even in a car.

An older woman eventually turns up in front of the camera, gesturing for the car to move back.

The driver is initially unperturbed, and a brief standoff ensues.

Eventually, another driver offered the man a different space, and he left.

The clip quickly went viral on reddit, and has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

You can watch the entire verbal altercation, below:

WARNING: The language is NSFW.

h/t The Sun

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