A woman tweeted her idea of a ‘traditional’ domestic partnership and was brutally roasted


Hello, it's 2019 and apparently there are still some people out there who think a "traditional" domestic partnership is based on a woman taking care of her husband.

This, according to Twitter user Brylea Kay, means "cleaning the house for him to come home to", making sure "he's up for work in the morning" and yes, also making his "plate every night".

But Kay's tweet has since gone viral, prompting other Twitter users to make a meme that is pointing out why this "old-fashioned" view on marriage sounds less like an equal, romantic partnership but more like an exhausting day job. And the internet did not hold back.

Things even got a little bit gruesome.

Some men even jumped into the discussion, saying they're very much OK to do all of these things themselves.

While it is okay for women to have their views on what kind of wife they want to be, maybe think twice before posting it online for everyone else to see.

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