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Naming a baby is a pretty big deal.

Firstly, that child is going to have to live with that name for the rest of its life (unless they legally change it that is).

Secondly, even if it's a good name, the parents will have to make sure that it isn't too ridiculous or topical.

Think of all the babies that are now being named after Game of Thrones characters - what will their lives be like in 20 years when everyone has forgotten about the show?

One parent seems to have also taken inspiration from the world of fantasy fiction though, by naming their daughter Tinkerbell.

Now we like the name Tinkerbell and the world of Peter Pan as much as anyone, but is that really the best name for kid?

One parent certainly thought it was a bad idea, and took to the popular message board Mumsnet to threaten violence against the parent who named their child Tinkerbell.

An alleged friend of Tinkerbell's Dad started the thread 'I want to shot my friend' on the site, and this is what they wrote:

I want to shoot my friend for naming his daughter Tinkerbell

I know I am actually being unreasonable as it's none of my business etc.

Also shooting people is generally not the way to approach such matters.

I feel so sorry for the poor kid. She's going to go through torture at school.

Not to mention the rest of her life. Imagine a high court judge called Tinkerbell.

A high court judge named Tinkerbell does sound great if you ask us.

As you can guess, a lot of people were appalled by the post and condemned her suggestion in the replies.

One person wrote:

That's right, it's none of you business, she is not your daughter.

A few even gave examples of other kids that they know who are called Tinkerbell, and how it hasn't effected them in the slightest.

One said:

I know a child called Tinkerbell, she's fine and no bullying, other kids think it's cool!

Another added:

I know someone called Tinkerbell. She gets called Tink which is quite cool actually.

In all fairness the child can always just use her middle name when she's older or just 'Belle' for short.

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