Here are the words we get wrong most often


The English language is a beautiful thing. But you can be a native speaker your entire life, and it will still trip you up.

Microsoft Word has listed the top ten words we just cannot master, by gathering data from those who use the tool Editor.

Here they are:

Lets and let’s

Let’s just say there’s way too many errors Microsoft Word lets you get away with.

Awhile and a while

You can write awhile, but it might take you a while to get your head around grammar.

Affect and effect

Don’t let errors affect your confidence with writing, that isn’t the desired effect of this article.

Each others and each other’s

If you and your loved ones properly proofread each other’s work, you’d never get away with writing “each others,” because it’s grammatical suicide

Years and years’

You can get away with typos for years and years, but you should make it this year’s resolution to brush up your skills, so it looks like you have years’ of writing experience.

A and an

It's a crying shame if you can’t tell these two apart, only an absolute beginner to the English language has an excuse for getting this one wrong.

Everyday and every day

It’s a common, everyday mix-up, just don’t do it every day.

You're and your

This is the classic grammatical faux pas, but you’re best off practising your basic grammar skills if this is still a problem.

Advice and advise

I can’t advise you any clearer than this: if in doubt about spelling, always ask for advice

Its and it’s

It’s about time you learnt this one, because your email/job application/work presentation won’t write its own grammatically perfect prose.

HT Business Insider

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