The world's largest American flag has been ripped into shreds by a thunderstorm
Screengrab: Twitter

News for the superstitious among us: the world’s largest “free-flying” American flag has ripped in half after a thunderstorm.

Business Insider reports that the Acuity Insurance flag, planted outside their headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, was torn asunder by Mother Nature herself on Tuesday evening.

The flagpole was a pretty big landmark, standing 100 feet taller than the statue of liberty.

The flag itself measured 21m by 42m and weighed 154kg.

Its base contains a memorial to US soldiers who died while on active service.

But after violent thunderstorms hit the area, the flag was torn in two.

And people are pretty sure it’s an omen – or at least a reflection – of current events in the country.

One social media user said the flag’s destruction felt “eerie” and “mystical”.

Another person just straight up asked if it was indeed, an “omen”.

It was deemed to be a message from the universe.

What could the universe be trying to say?

Hang, I’m getting something through my earpiece.

Ok… ok… right.

Yep, the universe says: "black lives matter".

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