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A CV is often your initial introduction to a prospective employer, so it's understandable that we're all terrified of mistakes.

You want to sell the best possible version of yourself - to maximise your chances of employment.

However, if you're finding yourself exaggerating your skills and experience, you may want to pause for thought.

A survey of 460 hiring managers in Australia has found that 68 per cent had eliminated a job candidate from consideration after discovering "dishonest or exaggerated information" on their application.

In addition, 60 per cent of managers said they had caught candidates exaggerating or lying about their previous jobs.

Around 48 per cent of managers also said applicants had been dishonest about technical skills and the same amount had lied about their education or qualifications.

Andrew Morris, director of Robert Half Australia, said:

Transparency and honesty during the application and interview process are critical for candidates who want to be considered for a job.

Many businesses take background checks very seriously, which is made even easier thanks to increased online transparency and social media.

Once untruthfulness has been discovered, candidates’ professional credibility has been damaged, and their chances of landing the job will be very slim to none, even though they might be ideal for the role.

Mr Morris advocated a CV that was short, straightforward, and matched the job criteria and the candidate's skills with honest appraisal.

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