Would Jeb Bush be prepared to kill baby Hitler? 'Hell yeah' he would

Jeb Bush, potential leader of the free world, has just answered a question we didn't know needed answering.

In a campaign trail interview from New Hampshire with the Huffington Post on Monday. the former governor of Florida was asked to share the most bizarre email he'd ever been sent - which happened to be the infamous 'If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler?' conundrum.

The GOP presidential candidate, whose chances of securing the party nomination have suffered from the rise of outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson, didn't hesitate with his answer.

Hell yeah I would!

Even if baby Hitler was really cute?

You gotta step up, man.

The littlest Bush did acknowledge that using a time machine could have unknown and dangerous effects on the future, as 'proven' by Michael J Fox in Back to the Future.

But he's so enthusiastic about the idea he reiterated it on Twitter.

Funny. Such decisiveness reminds us of another hard-hitting, straight-talking politician.

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