Brexit means… Well, no one really seems to know anymore, do they?

Whichever side you picked in 2016, most of us can agree that Brexit has become a frightful mess that we’d like to end very soon.

But there’s one question that almost everyone disagrees on: who is to blame for where we are now?

During this week’s instalment of the BBC’s flagship politics show Question Time, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis attempted to answer this question.

In an epic monologue that has since gone viral, when asked by host Fiona Bruce who is responsible for the mess of Brexit, Varoufakis responded:

The answer is really very simple: Theresa May

First, she triggers Article 50 on the basis on red lines that box her into an impossibility.

Secondly, she failed to recognise that Michel Barnier, when he announced the two-phase negotiation process was issuing a declaration of hostility against the government. She never saw this coming.

If I come to you and say: 'Listen, we are going to have a little negotiation between us. First, you are going to give me everything I want. Secondly we will discuss not what you want.' You’d say: 'No mate, I’m not going to negotiate with you on those terms.'

Drawing the speech to a devastating conclusion, he said:

Whether you are a Brexiteer or a Remainer, this a deal that a nation signs only when it has been defeated at war. 

This is not a deal that is fit for purpose for any sovereign country.

Similarly to the studio audience, people on social media loved Varoufakis's assessment.

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