You should never be seen with these books in public

Do you remember when they started doing different covers for the Harry Potter books because grownups wanted to read them but were a little embarrassed about it?

That was nothing.

Scott Rogowsky of the Running Late Show has taken to the subway with a load of fake book covers designed to attract the attention of the public.

Together with Akilah Hughes, the duo have been terrifying underground-goers by simply sitting down and reading, all for a few chuckles on YouTube.

It works brilliantly, and it's not hard to see why when the covers are so funny.

Our other favourites include:

Joy of Cooking Meth - Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

Tinder training your toddler - unknown

Why Women Deserve Less - Porter L'Brandelle

Oh and these:

Really, you need to strap yourself in for the ride - some of the best bits about the video are the people desperate not to make eye contact.

Well, when they're reading How to hide your erection from God, you can't blame them for keeping distance.

Watch the full video below:

If you want to see Scott's first journey with fake book covers, the video released last month is here - we're just sorry we missed it first time round!

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