This is what the inside of a Russian nuclear bunker looks like, including the launch button


Drew Scanlon produces a YouTube travel series called Cloth Map - his latest journey took him to a nuclear bunker in Ukraine.

The Strategic Missile Forces Museum was decommissioned in 2001 and currently serves as a tour facility - it's located roughly three hours from the city of Kiev.

But if you can't make it out to the Ukrainian countryside Scanlon's video very much puts you in the heart of the action.

The tour begins with the guide, Dymtro, bringing Scanlon into a small room.

So this compartment is for personnel after they have destroyed the whole world.


Dymtro, the guideDymtro, the guide

The compartment was designed for use after a ‘button’ – you know the one - was pushed. The bunker was created to last for 45 days, and was stocked with food, medicine, a safe for pistols, a tea-maker, toilet, and water.

Next, the guide took him to the main room – “the room to destroy the world”.

After taking a seat, Scanlon is told that personnel would receive codes from Moscow, and then two officers would use identical keys in two keyholes which they would have to turn right at the same time.

Just like in the movies.

And then, The Famous Red Grey Button would be pressed.

The grey buttonThe grey button

After the button is pressed, a loud alarm sounds, and a green light lets the officers know that the launch has started. Another blinking light shortly after, will confirm the launch has been accomplished.

The guide put it slightly differently...

So now, you can start counting 22 minutes, and you've destroyed Washington DC.

You can watch the entire tour below:

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