People can't stop staring at the 'stunning' first photos of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

People can't stop staring at the 'stunning' first photos of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

Zoe Kravitz just made an appearance as Catwoman and it may be one of the only good things to happen this year.

The new The Batman cast, including Robert Pattinson and Colin Farrell were spotted filming on Tuesday, but it was Kravitz who was the centre of attention on social media.

The first images of filming showed Kravitz as Selina Kyle – Catwoman’s alter-ego – wearing a shiny black trench coat, a matching headpiece, fishnet stockings and lace-up knee-high boots. Everyone was starstruck:

“Unbelievable how incredible Zoë Kravitz looks,” one user tweeted. “Zoe Kravitz really about to serve as catwoman,” another wrote.

The scene was shot in Liverpool’s St George’s Hall on Tuesday, and seemed to be set in the aftermath of a funeral.

People were truly obsessed with the actress's look, saying she was ‘gorgeous’, 'stunning' and ‘iconic’.

The 31-year-old seemed to know this herself; speaking to reporters back in January she said:

"I think Catwoman is an iconic character. I was never into a lot of comic books, but that world was always really intriguing to me. And then of course Michelle Pfeiffer — her performance has always been super inspiring to me".

Clearly the costume design for the film is in good hands with Jacqueline Durran, who also worked on Little Women, 1917, and Anna Karenina. Sorry to Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway, but this could be the most stylish Catwoman yet.

Colin Farrell also made headlines last month when he debuted his The Batman look into The Penguin. He wore so much prosthetic make-up that he was completely unrecognisable when he arrived on set.

The film's leading man, Pattison, tested positive for Covid-19 in early September, which forced the film to pause production for several weeks.

It was confirmed in late September that filming had restarted – as Pattinson had tested negative for the illness – The Batman will now be released in March of 2022.

Either way, we are all waiting with bated breath to see Zoe in her actual Catwoman suit. As Twitter-user Achraf Tazi put it, Kravitz is definitely “the Catwoman we deserve”.

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