People looking for an excuse to abandon a tiring Zoom call may be in luck, after a new tool has launched which allows users to “self-sabotage” their audio on the app.

Zoom Escaper, set up by designer Sam Lavigne, involves eight audio effects to make a person’s presence “unbearable” for meeting hosts, including echoes, an upset baby, a man weeping and a person urinating.

“Just do this until no one is willing to be on a Zoom call with you,” explains Lavine in a video tutorial.

To use the tool, individuals must download the VB Cable software and enable their microphone on the official Zoom Escaper website.

Users must then go to the video conferencing application itself and change their microphone from their external input to VB Cable.

After this, people can toy with multiple sliders until they find just the right level of audio chaos to get them booted out of the meeting, in true Jackie Weaver style.

Lavigne also confirmed on Twitter that Zoom Deleter “should work with everything”, with the software also working on other meeting platforms such as Teams and Google Meet.

The only exception is Firefox, with Lavigne saying a “web audio issue” is preventing the tool from working on the web browser.

Twitter users have since praised Lavigne for the invention, with many hailing the Brooklyn-based designer as a “hero”:

Others, meanwhile, were more self-deprecating:

Zoom Escaper isn’t the first bit of mischievous software which Lavigne has developed.

A similar product, Zoom Deleter, will regularly check your computer for the video conferencing application and if found, will immediately remove it. 

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