Tory MP caught saying 'oh f**king hell' in hilarious Commons video call fail

One of the only few enjoyable parts of lockdown and social distancing has been MPs being forced to get to grips with Zoom video calls.

We've already seen the delights of the wonderful array of backgrounds that MPs have displayed to the nation and that one member of the Welsh assembly who couldn't contain his rage at one of his colleagues.

Well, the following story falls into the latter camp as we have another politician dropping F-bombs, when they clearly thought their microphone was off.

Heather Wheeler, who is the Tory MP for South Derbyshire, was addressing parliament by listing fundraising completed by the public during the coronavirus crisis.

However, while she was talking from her home she appeared to suffer a slight technical fault leading her to mutter under her breath:

Oh f**king hell.

It was a very minor moment but it didn't go unnoticed by those watching and it was soon giving everyone some much-needed laughter on Twitter.

Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the Hansard transcript...

Alas, we'd be lying if we haven't accidentally swore during the weekly Zoom pub quiz.

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