Working from home has its benefits, but as many of us would have experienced over the past few weeks communicating via video chat services has it's problems.

Everything from getting the background correct, making sure your internet doesn't die, or avoiding any private moments that will leave you embarrassed for eternity.

However, above all else, you need to make sure that your microphones are working and also muted to avoid anything unpleasant that you might be saying about someone else on the call.

That was always going to be a problem when it came to MPs, who can throw bars at each other at the best of times but would be quite audible in a conference call of just a few people.

This is exactly what happened on Wednesday during a Welsh assembly meeting where Labour MP Vaughan Gething could be heard cursing his colleague Jenny Rathbone.

Talking to someone else, either off-camera or elsewhere in the chat he said:

What the f**k is the matter with her?

In the chat were audible gasps and calls for him to stop while others couldn't contain their laughter before Gething, who is the minister for health and social services in the Welsh government, turned his mic off.

It's possible that he was annoyed about Rathbone getting up from her seat and walking away from the camera after she had asked a question about the Welsh response to coronavirus.

Gething has since apologised for his comments and has offered to personally speak to Rathbone about his reaction.

However, Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price thinks that Gething should be sacked immediately. He said:

He does not have the right attitude, skills or temperament to lead the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

To maintain public confidence, the First Minister needs to relieve him of these responsibilities with immediate effect.

It remains to be seen what will happen next but there is no doubt that Gething has already learnt his lesson on this one and this will undoubtedly be a warning to any other MPs who want to take a pop at someone else over Zoom.

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