George Osborne and Ed Balls were the ultimate double act on election night

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 09 June 2017 12:00
Picture:(AFP/Getty / Matt Dunham)

Move over, there’s a new political duo in town.

It’s not a coalition of Theresa May and Tim Farron, or Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon.

The new Ant and Dec of Westminster are former opponents Ed Balls and George Osborne.

The pair, who had countless clashes when they were Chancellor and Shadow Chancellor, respectively, took part in ITV’s election coverage with presenter Tom Bradby.

But now, Osborne is the editor of the Evening Standard, and Balls lost his seat in a crushing defeat in 2015, appeared on Strictly and is a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, and a visiting professor to the Policy Institute at King's College London.

Career moves, eh?

People loved their dynamism.

Next thing we know, they’ll be celebrating Ed Balls Day together.

A glorious coalition.

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