There are four people in this optical illusion and it’s creeping people out

Yasemin Craggs Mersinoglu
Tuesday 16 February 2021 15:18
(Via Reddit)

The internet does love a good optical illusion.

This time around a photo has gone viral on social media because people cannot see the fourth person in the picture.

The debate started when @JenMsft tweeted the image of four bottles being clinked on what looks to be a group hike.

But only three arms are immediately visible.

She commented: “My brain refuses to believe there are 4 people in this photo.”

For those struggling to see them all, the “missing” fourth arm appears to be camouflaged as the bottle-holder’s jacket matches the rocky path the group are standing on.

The post has already been liked more than 165,000 times on Twitter.

@JenMsft said the photo was first shared in a Reddit thread on confusing perspectives.

People have previously looked into other optical illusions such as a hand swap trick, disappearing patterns and classic dual perception images.

Social media users reacted to the latest confusing picture to go viral.

Someone handily zoomed-in on the photo to highlight the illusion.

Others shared their favourite optical illusions.

Can you see them?