Alastair Campbell didn’t mince his words when slamming Boris Johnson over Partygate

Alastair Campbell didn’t mince his words when slamming Boris Johnson over Partygate

Alastair Campbell brands Boris Johnson a 'total embarrassment'

Sky News

As the public outrage continues over reports that Boris Johnson attended a birthday gathering in Downing Street in June 2020, one political commentator certainly didn’t hold back when he was asked to give his thoughts on the whole situation.

Speaking to Sky News’ Kay Burley on Wednesday, Alastair Campbell – former government director of communications back when Tony Blair was PM – said the country was “becoming a laughing stock” because of the parties distracting focus while other countries concentrate on rising tensions in Ukraine.

“Yesterday … we had Joe Biden talking about sanctions, you had [German chancellor Olaf] Scholz and Macron meeting together to talk about the situation. You had Boris Johnson making a statement in parliament about Ukraine where he had to begin with talking about this stuff.

“You’ve got cabinet ministers out on the airwaves, having to talk about cake – having to talk about him being ‘ambushed by a cake’,” he said.

The remarks reference a defence offered up by Northern Ireland minister Conor Burns to Channel 4 News on Tuesday.

Yes, a Tory MP actually said that.

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Campbell continued: “I think that Johnson is showing - as I always thought he would be – he is an utter disgrace to the office. His cabinet are compounding that every time they go out and defend him.

“It’s a distraction for the country and there’s massive issues that we face, and he’s a global embarrassment.

“These Tory MPs, every single day that they prop him up, they are doing themselves damage, they are doing their party damage – about which I don’t give a damn – but worse, they’re doing the country and our reputation enormous damage.”

At the end of all that, Burley joked: “I wish you wouldn’t mince your words.”

We’re taken aback too, Kay…

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