26 astonished reactions to Boris Johnson's lockdown 'birthday party'

26 astonished reactions to Boris Johnson's lockdown 'birthday party'
Boris Johnson Partygate: When will Sue Gray's report be released?
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Boris Johnson is once again embroiled in a lockdown party scandal.

ITV News understands that Carrie Johnson helped organise a surprise bash for the PM on 19th June 2020 just after 2pm, when people could only meet outside in groups of six, socially distanced, as the first lockdown continued.

It is said that the interior designer, Lulu Lytle, who was (controversially) renovating Johnson's flat at the time attended the event, that they gave him a cake, sang happy birthday, and chowed down on picnic food from M&S. It allegedly lasted for 20 to 30 minutes - like all good parties - and staff say Johnson attended for 10 minutes.

Later in the evening the PM reportedly hosted family friends in his residence for another gathering, though Downing Street deny this.

The revelation comes amid the discovery of a string of alleged parties with more egregious events including an alleged party hosted the night before the Queen attended Prince Philip's funeral alone to comply with Covid restrictions, and a confirmed drinks party in May 2020 hosted by Johnson's permanent private secretary, Martin Reynolds.

Johnson admitted he attended this drinks event, apologised, but insisted he believed it was a work event. He also implored people to wait for senior civil servant Sue Gray to conclude her inquiry into these events before making a judgement, and we won't have to wait much longer because Gray is expected to finish dotting the 'i's and crossing her 't's this week and publish a report.

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But as news of yet another party broke last night, people couldn't wait for Gray and instead reacted angrily on social media, though a few found a funny side too.

Here's how people reacted:

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