AOC says she almost 'decked' a man who called her a 'big booty Latina'

AOC says she almost 'decked' a man who called her a 'big booty Latina'
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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has responded after a man heckled her on the Capitol steps.

The US representative described the incident in which the man repeatedly called her a "big booty Latina" as "deeply disgusting" and said she was tempted to "deck" him.

He had filmed her walking and tried to get her attention, appearing to refer to her views on abortion rights. He said: "AOC my favourite big booty Latina, I love you AOC you're my favourite. She wants to kill babies and she's still beautiful. You look very beautiful in that dress, you look very sexy.

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"Look at that booty on AOC that's my favourite big booty Latina. AOC, nice to meet you AOC. Look how sexy she looks in that dress".

According to Newsweek, the man in the video is social media personality Mark Stein.

Here's the clip:

She posted on Twitter: "I posted about a deeply disgusting incident that happened today on the Capitol steps, but took it down bc it’s clearly someone seeking extremist fame. It’s just a bummer to work in an institution that openly allowed this, but talking about it only invites more. Just really sad."

She added: "Here is a video he posted of the incident. I was actually walking over to deck him because if no one will protect us then I’ll do it myself but I needed to catch a vote more than a case today."

Being a woman in politics in 2022 is still a minefield.

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