AOC compares Lauren Boebert to Papa John's pizza and herself to an iconic NY slice

Anger as Lauren Boebert heckles Joe Biden as he talks about death ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared some delicious mockery of Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene - by reposting a meme comparing herself to the Republican congresswomen through the medium of pizza.

Shared on Instagram by user @RogueDNC, the image shows Ocasio-Cortez referred to as the iconic and delicious “New York pizza” while Boebert and Greene are called “Papa John’s."

The photo included of the two Republicans is the now-viral image of them both heckling President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address earlier this week.

As you might know, disgraced Papa John's Founder John Schnatter made an appearance at this year's annual CPAC convention as a speaker and in the past has made his position as a right-winger abundantly clear.

Ocasio-Cortez came across the meme and actually shared it on her Instagram story, seemingly putting her stamp of approval on the hilarious picture writing: “Y’all are too much.”

Now, a meme doctor recently explained to Indy100 how memes are affecting politics, and this is the perfect example.

“Am I the only New Yorker that feels a deep sense of guilt every time they order a papa Johns pie?” read one comment.

"Why is this so accurate tho," read another comment.

"Nah Papa John’s slaps they’re more like Little Caeser’s," remarked another Instagram user.

During the State of the Union address, both Boebert and Greene decided to interrupt Biden during his speech, leading to them both being largely condemned afterward for their action.

At the event, Boebert yelled at Biden as he discussed the death of his late son, Beau Biden, accusing him of responsibility for the deaths of 13 US troops who were killed during the American evacuation from Afghanistan.

After the speech, White House press secretary Jen Psaki addressed the behavior, saying that it “says a lot more about them” than it does about Biden’s speech.

Needless to say, Ocasio-Cortez is getting the last laugh.

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