Andy Burnham mocks Matt Hancock for being better at 'Bushtucker trials than clinical trials'

Andy Burnham mocks Matt Hancock for being better at 'Bushtucker trials than clinical trials'

Andy Burnham jokes Matt Hancock is 'better at bushtucker trials than clinical …


Andy Burnham has savaged Matt Hancock for appearing on reality TV, joking that he is better "at showbiz than politics".

Speaking on BBC's Question Time about the politician's appearance on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!, the Manchester mayor said: "He's clearly better at showbiz than he is at politics...better at Bushtucker trials than clinical trials, for sure."

He continued: "He's not, in my view, a bad person, but it is a bad judgement because politicians should be about we - what's good for us.

"But this is all about me, isn't it, me, me and my situation and a cost-of-living crisis for his constituents.

"(There) are things that he should be here answering for, not in the jungle trying to curry favour with other celebrities and the British public."

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Hancock is still in the jungle, despite the controversy he's caused, last night surviving Chris Moyles who was pretty peeved about losing out to the disgraced former health secretary.

After his exit, Moyles said: "I'm gutted that Matt Hancock is more popular than me, what the bejesus is going on?"

Moyles admitted it was difficult for him living alongside the former health secretary in camp, saying: "I really struggled with it, to be fair.

"And then what I did was, because I slagged him a bit, I separated Matt Hancock with Matt because we were living with this guy, and he was doing his best to win us stars for food and everything and chipping in so I had to separate the two.

"Matt Hancock I've got major issues with but Matt - less issues."

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