The 34 best election memes as Tories wiped out in Labour landslide

The 34 best election memes as Tories wiped out in Labour landslide
General Election- Exit Polls Show Labour Xxx, Conservative Xx

Social media has been reacting to the results from the exit poll, with Labour predicted for a huge win in the 2024 general election.

Ever since Conservative Party leader Rishi Sunak announced a snap general election at the end of May, polls have consistently had the Labour Party outperforming the Tories and for it to win a majority.

And the exit poll has predicted Labour to secure 410 seats, Conservatives 131, Liberal Democrats 61, Reform UK 13, Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) 10, Plaid Cymru four and Green Party two.

If that is the case, Sir Keir Stamer will become the country's new Prime Minister - Labour will have gained 209 seats from the last general election in 2019 with the Tories losing 241.

326 or more seats are needed to form a majority in the House of Commons.

There have been lots of reactions to this on social media - here's our roundup of some of the best ones so far.

Ever since Sunak announced the election in May, there have been some wild moments during the campaign, including the moment itself it was announced when Sunak stood out in the rain.

Nigel Farage coming out as leader of Reform UK had a big impact on the build-up to the election and at the eighth time of asking was eventually elected in Clacton-on-Sea.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has been catching the eye of voters with a series of stunts - some of which were genuinely quite impressive.

Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker was asked what he'd do if he lost his Wycombe seat and he gave a very unexpected answer.

"Skydiving, motorcycling, fast catamaran sailing... the wide range of things I’ll do," he said in his response to a question from the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire, which has since gone viral on social media.

Sunak appeared on This Morning to make one last appeal to the British public ahead of polling day, just a day before the nation cast its vote.

However, he never could have predicted that his fellow guests would include Britain’s most tattooed woman, or that he'd get photographed looking on awkwardly as she was interviewed in a bikini.

Sunak tried to claim he had to "sacrifice" a lot as a child - giving Sky TV as an example. Safe to say people on social media weren't too sympathetic.

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