Rishi Sunak awkwardly watching tattooed woman on This Morning called a 'fever dream'

Rishi Sunak awkwardly watching tattooed woman on This Morning called a 'fever dream'
Rishi Sunak reveals one tattoo he'd get
This Morning

Even the day before a general election, British politics has a habit of reminding you just how unserious and silly it can be.

We’re on the eve of the biggest event in the political calendar for years, but Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is finding new ridiculous scenarios to get himself into – on morning telly, watched by hundreds of thousands of people, no less.

Sunak appeared on This Morning to make one last appeal to the British public ahead of polling day.

However, he never could have predicted that his fellow guests would include Britain’s most tattooed woman, or that he’d get photographed looking on awkwardly as she was interviewed in a bikini.

I'm the Most Tattooed Mum in Britain | This Morningwww.youtube.com

Becky Holt, a model and OnlyFans creator, spoke to presenter Ben Shephard about her tattoos, which cover 95 per cent of her skin.

There was also one section of the interview which made Shephard a little hot under the collar, where Holt jokingly offered him the chance to see her tattoos in more intimate areas - all while Sunak sat waiting for his interview in the background.

The whole thing was bizarre, and the morning telly ‘fever dream’ sparked a big reaction on social media.

He also asked about whether he had any plans for a special meal on election night, and he told the hosts his favourite meal was "sandwiches".

Sunak was asked what his choice of meal on Thursday would be, and he said: “I'll actually be at home in North Yorkshire but my favourite meal generally is sandwiches!

“I'm a big sandwich person, but on election night, my local butchers always do a special election pie - it's a very good pork pie with chutney and cheese on top. So that is our election night dinner tradition.”

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