As the government is embroiled in a controversy over a number of alleged parties while the country was under Covid restrictions, the prime minister last night announced they would be ushering in the Plan B Covid restrictions.

The Conservatives are now facing claims of several gatherings against the rules and their admission to a gathering on December 14 in the party headquarters has sparked fury and criticism from across the political spectrum.

A leaked mock press briefing showing former Number 10 advisor Allegra Stratton joking about a Christmas gathering last December led to an outpouring of anger. She has since resigned.

Meanwhile, Johnson was forced to deny allegations, including from senior Conservative William Wragg, that his announcement of further coronavirus restrictions was a “diversionary tactic” from the scandal.

The new Plan B restrictions were announced yesterday evening in a bid to tackle the spread of the omicron Covid variant.

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This means a reintroduction to working from home, and wearing face masks in most indoor venues such as cinemas. Mandatory vaccine passports will be brought in for larger events and nightclubs, so that people can prove they are double-jabbed.

As if he doesn’t have enough on his plate, the prime minister has also just become a dad-of-sevenafter his wife gave birth to a baby girl.

Amid the flurry of government-related news over the past few days, some have expressed their frustration by doing what social media does best - rinsing politicians with memes and jokes on Twitter.

Given the wishy-washy answers given when asked about the alleged festive shindig on December 18, some likened the Conservatives to The Office’s David Brent:

As always, comedian Munya Chawawa was quick to respond to the government’s latest controversy by recording a hilarious parody of Last Christmas:

The party jokes came from all corners of Twitter, with Piers Morgan even poking fun at the prime minister:

The famous Downing Street cat, Larry, even gave a media address to comment on the controversy. Luckily for Larry, his mock briefing wasn’t recorded…

When people weren’t making memes about the parties, they were talking about the new Covid restrictions.

Some even likened the government triggering Plan B to a scene from The Inbetweeners:

Meanwhile others joked about how Carrie Johnson’s birth was well-timed:

Between party allegations, an ongoing pandemic, and calls to resign while cradling a newborn baby, Johnson is one man we don’t envy. The past 24 hours truly have been like something out of a soap opera...

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