22 best reactions to the government’s all-caps ‘GET BOOSTED NOW’ alert

22 best reactions to the government’s all-caps ‘GET BOOSTED NOW’ alert

Brits up and down the country received a text from the government urging them to get a booster Covid vaccine - but it’s the tone of the text that has got people talking.

Prime minister Boris Johnson is not expected to announce further restrictions today (December 27) after meeting with England’s chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty and the government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance to look at the Christmas Covid data.

Though with the spread of the Omicron variant, the government remain keen for people to get their booster vaccine as soon as possible and so texted out a reminder to book an appointment.

Well, that message was received loud and clear as the text opened with “GET BOOSTED NOW” in capital letters, while the rest read: “Every adult needs a COVID-19 booster vaccine to protect against Omicron. Get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster. See NHS website for details.”

In partnership with UK phone networks, the UK Government sent out the text message and the health secretary, Sajid Javid said:

“We are texting this Boxing Day for all eligible adults to Get Boosted Now.

“It has never been as important to get protected with the booster – so whether it is in between turkey sandwiches or before the Boxing Day fixtures, whatever your traditions make the booster a part of them this year.

“Millions of vaccine slots are available through the festive calendar so if you’re not boosted and you get this text, take up the offer and get vaccinated,” he said.

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It seems people were taken aback by the tone of the Boxing Day text and shared their hilarious reactions to the shouty message they received.

Some people who had already had the booster were left confused when they received the text.

But others highlighted the fact people who have had their booster got the text because the government can’t hand over sensitive personal data like vaccination records to mobile networks.

In a statement on the government website, it read: “HMG would like to thank the Mobile Network Operators for their assistance in helping deliver the vitally important Get Boosted Now message.”

With vaccinated people even peeved off at receiving the text, you can imagine it exactly didn’t go down well with anti-vaxxers and sceptics - with some even reporting the text from the government as spam to their mobile network.

As a result of anti-vaxxers and sceptics fuming over the text messages, people on Twitter had a laugh at their expense.

Perhaps the government may need to rethink the capitalisation of their message next time...

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