Boris Johnson has faced sustained criticism as more and more alleged lockdown breaking parties hosted in Downing Street have been revealed.

Earlier this week - and it now feels like a lifetime ago - he issued an apology following the leaked email inviting 100 employees to “socially distanced drinks in the No 10 garden” on 20 May 2020. He insisted that he thought the “bring your own booze” garden gathering “was a work event.”

Then on Thursday night, The Telegraph reported that two more parties took place during coronavirus restrictions. The parties allegedly occurred on 16th April 2021, the night before Prince Philip’s socially distanced funeral, and when the country was in step two of the lockdown roadmap - meaning no indoor mixing, and rule of six outside.

And all this comes after press outlets alleged that Downing Street also hosted a number of parties during the 2020 festive period, when people faced strict restrictions.

So things are not looking great for Johnson but at least he can rely on the kindness of children, right?


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Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting said that when he went to visit a primary school and asked them if they knew what party Johnson was from, they didn’t say “the Conservative party” but instead gave a rather more cutting answer:

Can’t get more embarrassing than that.

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