Liar.co.uk links you straight to Boris Johnson’s Wikipedia page

Liar.co.uk links you straight to Boris Johnson’s Wikipedia page

Liar.co.uk now redirects to Boris Johnson’s Wikipedia page amid the government’s partygate scandal.

A string of lockdown-breaking party allegations has come to light in recent weeks, leading to reports that the government has drawn up “Operation Save Big Dog” in a bid to save the prime minister’s job as calls for his resignation mount up.

The prime minister apologised at last week’s PMQs for attending one of the get-togethers, claiming he thought the May 2020 gathering was a “work event”.

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One Surrey man has made his feelings about the prime minister crystal clear as he redirected Liar.co.uk to Boris Johnson’s Wikipedia page.

Mark Rofe said: “Initially I wanted to register Liar.co.uk and put a website up with all the lies our prime minister has told, but the domain was already taken, and I realised listing all of Boris’s lies could end up becoming a full-time job.”

Instead, the 32-year-old found that the domain was available to rent for £299 per month, so he shared his brainwave with Twitter.

After sharing the idea to social media, a few people chipped in to split the cost and the redirect was created.

One of the people to chip in for the domain rental is Angharad Planells, head of business development and culture at Radioactive.

Citing previous controversies such as allegations Johnson lied to the Queen in 2019, the alleged parties throughout the pandemic, questions over PPE contracts, and the flat refurbishment debacle, Planells commented: “Liars always get found out, and the receipts are there.”

She said: “I got involved with Liar.co.uk because lying to the public is one of the fundamental ‘don’ts’ of public relations and strategic communications. Transparency and openness are key to building trust with any public, whether you’re a sole trader or a FTSE100 company, and most definitely in the highest public office in our country.

“Without trust you cannot hope to lead, and Boris Johnson has shown time and time again that he is not to be trusted. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. The people see you, prime minister.”

Rofe, the founder of Christmastrees.co.uk added: “I wanted to do something that makes a serious point but in a humorous way, hopefully this achieves that. I’d like to rent the domain until he leaves office, which hopefully won’t be for much longer now.”

This isn’t the first time domain names have been used to poke fun at politicians.

Following the 2020 US Presidential election, Loser.com redirected to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page.

According to the Evening Standard, Loser.com was also previously linked to former US president Barack Obama, actor Charlie Sheen, social media site Reddit, musician Kanye West, politician Al Gore, and former South Carolina governor Jim Hodges.

Indy100 has contacted Number 10 for comment.

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