7 songs with not-so complimentary lyrics about Boris Johnson

7 songs with not-so complimentary lyrics about Boris Johnson
Stormzy joins Harry Styles onstage in surprise Vossi Bop performance sing 'f**k ...

Boris Johnson may be resigning as PM but he has been part of public life for so long that, like weeds, he has got into every crack going in the UK.

That includes the music scene, and Johnson has been rapped about and sung about throughout both his time as London mayor and stint in parliament - and not always politely.

Here is his time as a politician, charted by the tracks he has been featured on.

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NLE Choppa, 'In the UK'

Boris Johnson made it to the US rap scene this month when NLE Choppa called him a "noncay", whatever that means if anything.

In his rap he said: "Boris Johnson, a noncay, my b***h like Beyonce".

This might be the last song Johnson is namechecked in while PM but it is not the first.

Example featuring P Money & Harry Shotta, 'Oscar'

In June 2020 Example, P Money and Harry Shotta expressed frustration at the leader and his ilk. The trio told listeners: "Ain't got time for these Boris Johnson's. Baffled when these man speak. Are they MC's or athletes?"


Example, 'Paperclips (Isolation freestyle)'

It wasn't the first time Example referenced the PM. In April 2020, during the height of the UK's first national lockdown, he released a song which referenced the state of the world as it was and then got more than a bit political.

He said: "Coronavirus got us all alone at home like Kevin McCallister

"Go shopping in Morrisons. Where is the pasta they’ve only got porridge on the shelf. F**k whatever Boris on. Just think about your health.

"It makes you wonder if this Mr Johnson ever liked us, was treating all the Covid stuff like it was tonsillitis. I could talk for days about him. That’s a waste of breath. Big up every single person at the NHS".

Example - 'Paperclips (Isolation Freestyle)' (OUT NOW)www.youtube.com

Stormzy, 'Vossi Bop'

But perhaps the most well-known track featuring Johnson was released when he was not yet prime minister in 2019. At the time Vossi Bop was released, he had resigned as foreign secretary and was scheming on the backbenches, ready to pounce and get one over Theresa May about Brexit.

When that happened May may well have sympathised with Stormzy's infamous lyric in the track, which declared: "F**k the government and f**k Boris".

Stormzy, 'Cold'

Stormzy's debut album in 2017 featured a dig at Johnson too. In Cold, he raps: "Know a couple OGs that are living off crime (Cold). But a young black boy made a milli' off grime (Wow). So tell Boris Johnson, 'Suck your mum, we don't care'".

At the time, Johnson was serving as foreign secretary under May's premiership.

Sleaford Mods, 'McFlurry'

In 2013, Nottingham based post-punk music duo took issue with Johnson when he was but the little old mayor of little old London.

"Boris Johnson and the Cheeky Girls shut down the underground, so it's back to orgies on the buses", they moaned. Johnson average 4.4 strike days a year when he was mayor, according to the Telegraph, so there's a bit of political context for y'all.

McFlurry - Sleaford Modswww.youtube.com

Johnson has also inspired a new genre of music himself - let's call it Johnson protest songs - with unknown artists going viral with their witty mashups and raps about the controversial leader's time in office. But if we delved into that, we'd be here all day.

The K**ts, 'Boris Johnson is a f**king cunt'

Not much to say about this punk song other than it is just 80 seconds long and the only lyrics are literally in the song title.

Oh, and it amazingly managed to make the Christmas Top 40.

Prime minister, this is your legacy.

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