‘Operation Save Big Dog’ plan to save Boris Johnson is roundly roasted

A reported plan to save Boris Johnson ’s job as Prime Minister is named “Operation Save Big Dog” and people aren’t impressed.

The Independent exclusively reports that Operation Save Big Dog, allegedly dubbed by Johnson himself, is the nickname for a blueprint that will involve firing people over “Partygate”, so Johnson himself keeps his job.

It is alleged that the plan will determine which officials will be sacked when senior official Sue Gray’s publishes her findings into the Number 10 garden party that took place in May 2020, and will also involve bigging up Johnson’s achievements.

Aside from the fact it seems Johnson could keep his job despite allegations of multiple lockdown rule-breaking scandals, some have taken the opportunity to ridicule the name for the plan that will do it.

One person wrote: “Everyone knows what the big dog leaves behind.”

Someone else commented: “So embarrassing. It’s probably time to put that dog down. National embarrassment.”

Another, added: “Operation Save Big Dog is an insult to actual Big Doggos everywhere. My Big Dog is loyal and true, and learnt as a pup not to shit all over the house.”

Author James Felton said: “So embarrassed to be from a country that elected a man who refers to himself in the third person as big dog.”

A parody Twitter account for Boris Johnson responded to the news saying they were unable to parody it because of how ridiculous it was – a tweet that has been liked almost 30,000 times.

They wrote: “Operation Save Big Dog? I give up - how the fuck am I supposed to parody that?”

A fair point.

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