This market worker’s sarcastic take on Brexit raising food costs is priceless

A wholesale market worker has won over viewers with her sarcastic response to how Brexit has affected prices in her industry.

BBC presenter Nina Warhurst was at a wholesale market in Manchester , covering a story on the latest official figures on the cost of living , which were released on September 15.

Figures show that inflation soared to 3.2 per cent in August, its highest level for nearly a decade. The figures are up from 2 per cent in July.

One of those workers, named Mariella Gabutt, was being interviewed by Warhurst as she explained from where the containers of fish the business buys are imported.

“Everything that we’re bringing in from abroad, a lot of the frozen good we import from Greece and Turkey - the bass and the bream,” Gabutt said.

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But it was her sarcastic take on Brexit that people are talking about, as she explained: “The price of a container pre-Brexit...”

During her answer, she then broke the fourth wall with viewers by looking directly at the camera and adding sarcastically: “...because it’s nothing to do with Brexit...”

She then returned to talking to Warhurst and continued: “...pre-Brexit was £3,000 just over for one container, the same container, the same goods cost £14,000 now. Massive jump, of course, there’s inflation.”

Since the interview, people have been sharing the clip of Gabutt’s sassy response, with it garnering 15,000 likes on Twitter, at the time of writing:

Let’s just say people loved her brutal honesty.

But that wasn’t the only eventful scene to occur during the segment since. In another area of the warehouse, a man gatecrashed the broadcast, holding up a piece of paper with writing that read: “Anti-British BBC.”

“Oh my goodness,” Warhurst said, as she awkwardly looked directly into the camera as the man continued to shout.

“Twenty-six years ago the anti-British BBC...” he continued before Warhurst pulled her next guest to the side in order to attempt to carry on the broadcast.

“Can we talk about this in a moment?” she asked as he carried on.

The camera then had to cut back to hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin in the Salford studio.

“Nina, thank you very much. We’ll be back with you a little bit later,” Minchin said.

There’s never a dull moment with live TV...

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