Caitlyn Jenner now wants to bring back the death penalty


Caitlyn Jenner is “in favour” of reintroducing the death penalty in California, she has said.

Speaking to CNN, the former reality television star, who is running for governor in the state, expressed support for the punishment – which is legal in California but has been halted since 2006 under a federal court and had an official moratorium placed on it in 2019 by governor Gavin Newsom.

“I am in favour of the death penalty,” she said.

Jenner is part of a who’s who of candidates running for the role. As well as the incumbent, candidates include John Cox – who is campaigning with a bear – while Kanye West has also expressed interest in the role.

Making her pitch, Jenner said she would be a good governor because she has “a great ability to listen” and she “loves ideas”. She also said her entrepreneurial experience qualified her for the role of governor and that she didn’t like being labelled as a Republican.

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Death penalty aside, if elected, Jenner would “freeze taxes” and “freeze regulations”, she said. “You walk out the door and you’re going to start being taxed,” she said. She would have opened up faster during the pandemic and would adjust California’s ambitious carbon emission goals, letting “the free market” decide instead.

Most persuasively, when asked why people should be excited to vote for her in the recall election, Jenner said: “Cause I’m cute and adorable”.

However, she didn’t vote in the November 2020 presidential election, choosing to play a round of golf instead.

Reacting to the interview, Jenner didn’t get the best reception from some on social media.

Some pitch. Let’s just hope for her sake that her supporters don’t crave a swing of the golf clubs on the day of the election.

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