Jackie Weaver opens Brit Awards with hilarious Line of Duty sketch with Jack Whitehall

Jackie Weaver opens Brit Awards with hilarious Line of Duty sketch with Jack Whitehall

The Brit Awards is known for surprise musical guests - but no-one could have predicted the celebrity cameo who opened the show.

It began with a Line of Duty skit which saw host Jack Whitehall sitting down to a Zoom call, on which he was joined by Martin Compston and Vicky McClure (the hit series’ Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming).

But the star guests didn’t stop there.

When Martin told Jack: “It’s time to roll out the big guns,” Jack replied “Mother of God, they’re bringing out the gaffer.”

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The gaffer in question? Authority-wielding parish council viral star Jackie Weaver.

She became internet famous earlier this year when she booted out an argumentative male councillor from a parish council’s Zoom call.

Playing up to her bossy bureaucrat character, she said: “Right, shall be bring this Brit Awards to order?”

When Jack asked “who the hell are you?”, she replied: “I’m your worst nightmare … now listen up you little twerp, if you don’t get on with it then I’ll kick you off.” 

The four-way \u2018Zoom\u2019 call that launched this year\u2019s Brit Awards

When he echoed her angry opposition number’s immortal words: “Jackie Weaver you have no authority here, read the standing orders, read them and understand them,” he was promptly booted from the call.

He was then booted from the call, and she blew smoke from her finger gun afterwards.

Her final task - introducing the opening act… “Foreplay”.

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Compston tried to correct her, saying the band was, in fact, called Coldplay. But he was quickly brought to heel when she said firmly: “Do you want kicking off as well?”

He sheepishly replied: “No ma’am.” Wise decision

Her fans loved it. Many were tickled by her (scripted) mispronunciation of Coldplay:

Some fans weren’t satisfied, however, and wanted a bigger twist:

The lady herself used the occasion to plug her new podcast:

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