Change UK are releasing a book about their ‘journey’

Kate Plummer
Monday 12 April 2021 13:45
Ilford South MP Mike Gapes: 'I’m not going to be lectured by someone who has voted more than 500 times against the Labour whip' ((Varinder Singh/Creative Commons)

Remember the Independent Group for Change?


Change UK?

The politicians that went to Nando’s.

Oh yes.

The politicians that went to Nando’s are releasing a book, they have revealed.

Writing in The Times, Mike Gapes, who defected from the Labour Party to join Change UK and promptly lost his seat in the 2019 general election, said the book is entitled “Change - The Independent Group”, showing that there were indeed combinations of the words ‘change’, ‘group’ and ‘independent’ that were yet to be explored by the politicians.

He said the book is “a frank account” of “the dramatic events of February 2019”. (Dramatic events being the launch of Change UK).

He said: “We describe how the initial euphoria and high hopes were dashed as we hit the reality of trying to create a new political party.

“This is the inside story of highs and lows, and the process by which The Independent Group became Change UK, and then split in two”.

Change UK was a centrist, pro-European party formed of Labour and Conservative defectors. While it had policies and all the usual infrastructure you might expect from a political party, it unfortunately fell victim to Becoming A Meme and as such was taken so seriously that it gained zero MPs and folded.

Reasons why it became a meme included having the same branding as a zebra, constantly only slightly changing their name, going to Nando’s to seem relatable to voters and... this clip:

But, from the ashes it is back, kind of, and reacting to the news, people have already been quick to mock the book.

Some were surprised that the group were still trucking along:

While others wondered who would publish it:

And another considered its content:

The other former Change UK members who have contributed to the book are Ann Coffey, Chris Leslie and Joan Ryan. Anna Soubry (who -in cursed scenes- had chips and plain salad at Nando’s) has also authored the opus.

We cannot wait for an advance copy to fall into our hands.