Labour MP savages Boris Johnson’s ‘work event’ excuse in less than a minute

Labour MP savages Boris Johnson’s ‘work event’ excuse in less than a minute

A Labour Party MP has absolutely rinsed Boris Johnson over his claim that he didn’t realise a party in his Downing Street garden was a party not a work event.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Chris Bryant, MP for the Rhondda was incredulous at the prime minister’s defence and slammed him for presiding over a “shower of shenanigans”.

He said:

“So the prime minister didn’t spot that he was at a social event. That’s the excuse isn’t it? Come off it.

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“How stupid does the prime minister think the British people are? The worst of it is he’s already managed to completely destroy Allegra Stratton’s career, he’s tarnished the reputation of Lord Geidt, and now he’s making fools of every single MP who cheered him earlier, every single one who goes out on the radio and television to defend this shower of shenanigans.

“Would it not be absolutely despicable if, in the search for a scapegoat, some junior member of staff ends up losing their job, but he kept his?”


It comes after Johnson apologised to the House of Commons after he was accused of attending a drinks event in May 2020, which took place while the country was under a strict lockdown and could only meet one other person outside, at a distance.

Johnson acknowledged the public “rage” about the story and claimed to have only stayed around for 25 minutes to “thank groups of staff” but said he believed it to be a work event.

This didn’t wash with Keir Starmer who then savaged him at PMQs and it clearly didn’t go down well with members of the public either who made a number of cutting memes roasting the PM.

Bryant is just one of many people who think Johnson’s time is pretty much up.

What a shower of shenanigans indeed.

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