A Conservative party MP has made a sly joke at Dominic Cummings’ expense after he attacked the “incompetent” government.

Posting on Twitter, Dehenna Davison who represents the Durham constituency Bishops Auckland appeared to mock the former Downing Street aide by saying there was more to see in the area than Specsavers.

She said:

Her comments refer to Cummings’ controversial trip to Barnard Castle during the first national lockdown last year. After it was revealed he had driven from London to Durham while his wife had coronavirus symptoms, he attempted to defend himself by saying he was testing his eyesight, and attracted inevitable derision from pretty much everyone.

And Davison’s refusal to let him forget about his jolly comes as Cummings attacks the government over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. In a series of tweets, the former aid alleged the government’s original plan to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic was to let the virus rip through the population to spread herd immunity, and claimed that the country could have avoided the need for lockdowns had it had “the right preparations and competent people in charge”.

Whether her tweet is just a cheap joke, or an attempt to discredit Cummings while he attacks the government is up to you to decide.

Regardless, it's not bad banter.

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