Dominic Raab’s ridiculed for bizarrely claiming that ‘police don’t investigate the past’

Dominic Raab has been mocked after making the strange claim that the police do not investigate crimes that have taken place in the past.

During an interview on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, the Deputy Prime Minister made the comment in reference to an alleged No.10 Christmas party last year whilst Covid restrictions were still being enforced.

On two occasions, a party of 40 or 50 people were apparently packed “cheek by jowl” in a medium-sized room last year, The Mirror reported.

Since the information has come to light, letters of complaint from Labour MPs are now being considered by the Metropolitan Police, who don’t routinely investigate “retrospective” breaches of the Covid regulations.

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Mr Raab said the police are looking into the “unsubstantiated and anonymous claims” and then added: “The police have been very clear and will look back on any letter, but they don’t normally look back and investigate things that have taken place a year ago.”

So (according to Raab at least), the police only investigate crimes that haven’t happened yet? Right...

After his bizarre comment, the clip has been circulating on Twitter with people not quite believing the fact Raab said the police don’t investigate crimes that happened a year ago.

Labour’s newly appointed Shadow of Justice, Steve Reed pointed out the irony of how “The Justice Secretary doesn’t understand how justice operates in our country.”

Other people were also quick to highlight this too.

Labour MP, Jess Phillips ridiculed Raab by joking how he “thinks he’s the Justice Secretary in Minority Report,” referencing the 2002 Stephen Spielberg film with the premise that a future technology makes it possible for cops to catch criminals before a crime is committed.

Minority Report came up in the discussion a number of times when discussing what Raab had said.

Jeremy Vine also questioned Raab’s comment, and asked: “How do the police investigate crimes unless they have happened in the past?”

It seems LBC presenter James O’Brien couldn’t quite believe what was coming out of Raab’s mouth either.

Dragons Den star, Deborah Meaden described how Raab’s comment proves that “We are now in full on mickey taking territory...”

Meanwhile, others noted that Raab has seemingly forgotten about Operation Yewtree, where police investigated historical sex abuse of mainly children that took places decades ago.

Here are some more of the best reactions.

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