Donald Trump Slams Jan. 6 Committee on Truth Social

Rumours are swirling that Donald Trump may announce his intent to run for president in 2024 very close to Florida governor Ron DeSantis' home.

Since Trump left the Oval Office in 2021, many have speculated that he will re-run in the next election. With that, people are wondering what other Republican candidates could run against Trump including DeSantis who has emerged as a strong Republican option with backing from Elon Musk.

But that speculation may turn into a reality.

This weekend,Rolling Stone reported that sources close to Trump said the former president is allegedly making a plan to announce his campaign in Florida, home to DeSantis.

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Some are predicting that DeSantis may run for president against Trump and in that case it's unclear who would come out on top. Although recent polling suggests more people would vote for DeSantis over Trump.

According to the three unnamed sources, Trump wants to "assert his dominance" over DeSantis by moving his campaign announcement to the Sunshine State and potentially to venues close to the governor's mansion.

DeSantis and Trump have a history of tension despite their similarities. The Florida governor was once a Trump supporter and vice-versa until a power struggle between the two emerged.

The Florida governor has made headlines this year by refusing to admit he's been vaccinated and passing the infamous 'Don't Say Gall' bill.

Appealing to the MAGA voters who doubted the vaccine, mask mandates, and more, DeSantis is proving to be a strong frontrunner in the bid to become the Republican nominee.

According to the Rolling Stone report, Trump has told the people around him that he thinks DeSantis is "very overrated" and believes he could beat the Florida governor in an election.

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