Five things that lasted longer than Donald Trump’s failed blog

FILE PHOTO: White House Counsel McGahn listens to U.S. President Trump hold a cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington

Donald Trump’s blog is - to write in his style - GONE. There is NO BLOG as FINISHED as Trump’s and we’ll tell you something - nobody read anything at all from his blog and it was totally EMBARRASSING. Shame!

If that gave you a bit of a headache, we apologise. But when Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter for inciting violence in the Capitol riots, the former President really thought he was on to something by making his own website on 4 May.

But as of 2 June it was no more and various outlets delighted in the minimal traffic it garnered during its short history.

We are no different and so we decided to come up with a few things that lasted longer than Trump’s blog. Here they are:

1. Mrs Brown’s Boys

Despite not being funny at all (not even slightly) the sitcom that is more sit than com has managed to drag on since 2011. Everyone loves to hate it, but people do watch it. Which is more we can say for a certain someone’s little website.

2. Bob the Builder’s time in the charts

The banger, Can We Fix It? by Bob the Builder chilled out in the UK singles charts for 24 weeks between 2000 and 2001. That’s around 20 more weeks than Donald Trump’s blog existed.

3. Laurence Fox’s political career

Despite being a professional plonker, Laurence Fox managed to attract the attention of the press and roughly 48,000 people who voted for him when he careered about in May for the London Mayoral election. He’s old news now, but he managed to keep people’s attention for longer than Trump did.

Leader of the Reclaim Party, Laurence FoxLeader of the Reclaim Party, Laurence FoxPA

4. Heinz Baked Bean Pizza

In the 1990s, Heinz had a special pizza topped with baked beans. It’s since been discontinued for reasons of taste, but it was briefly brought back in 2019 as there was that much demand for a slice of beany dough. That’s more demand for a baked bean pizza than Trump’s blog.

5. Liza Minnelli

A curious meme page documents things that have been outlived by the 75-year old actress and singer. Trump’s blog is now one of them.

So, a motley crew - some better than others - have all outlasted the former President.

What a shame.

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