Dr Fauci called Republican senator ‘a moron’ in hot mic moment - and people agree with him

Dr Fauci called Republican senator ‘a moron’ in hot mic moment - and people agree with him

Dr Anthony Fauci could be heard calling a Republican senator a “moron” in a hot mic moment - and Twitter loved it.

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made the remark following a heated exchange with Senator Roger Marshall.

During Tuesday’s hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions the senator questioned whether Fauci should have a publicly available financial disclosure form.

Confused, Fauci noted that such disclosures are public knowledge and added: “You are getting amazingly wrong information”.

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Marshall - who is sitting in front of a massive fake cheque - said his office couldn’t find them and asked where they could be viewed if they are public. Fauci replied: “It is totally accessible to you if you want it”.

Marshall asked: “To the public, is it accessible to the public?”

“To the public,” Fauci confirmed, to which Marshall responded: “Great we look forward to viewing it”.

An exacerbated-sounding Fauci can then be heard uttering: “What a moron”, before adding: “Jesus Christ”.

The exchange was seen as a breath of fresh air for many on Twitter, including Dr Jack Turban who remarked: “This truly captures how all of medicine is feeling right now.”

Fauci later doubled down on the comment in an MSNBC interview, remarking that it was “stunning” to him “that a United States senator doesn’t realise that my financial statement is public knowledge.”

He added: “It was just like where have you been?"

USA Today clarifies that as a public official, Fauci’s financial disclosure information is accessible via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Marshall referred to Fauci as “the least trusted bureaucrat in America” and insisted the remark “didn’t take away from the facts”.

Er, okay…

During the same hearing, Fauci also contended with Senator Rand Paul as he accused the lawmaker of “distorting everything about me”, resorting to “personal attacks on me that have absolutely no relevance.”

But Fauci’s hot mic moment isn’t the only microphone blunder we’ve come across this week.

In Australia, leaked footage shows two news anchors giving their very honest opinion on tennis star Novak Djokovic… 

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